2018 – We are going to Scottsdale, Arizona for a Majorly huge golf fest in April.  We are full…

2017 – We are going to Albuquerque in April.  It is pretty much a lock and will involve some very nice courses and staying at a Casino.  Looks like some of the highlights will be 27 at Paako Ridge, staying at Isleta Casino and playing a 27 there as well.  The middle round or Saturday’s 18 will be at a lovely course up in the hills, Cochiti.  You need to fill out this form in order to get on the list.  First in goes to previous attendees and Internet Industry workers. Second is non-internet people.  Sorry folks we got rules.  Who has signed up?  <–Click it!

2016 – We are going to St. George, Mesquite and Las Vegas.  It is all set up, so look for pictures when it is done here: These people signed up.  We already have Photos and it hasn’t started yet!

20XX? – We might go on an International Trip !  Some of you have already filled this out to show interest.  The results so far are: Maybe Scotland, but the temperature will be a warm climate, so none of this Scottish Highlands freezing rain fest talk. Some Options include:

2015 –Tucson, Arizona  This was  a good one… There are a number of 27 hole courses there for a nice 3×9 day or two.  Will be March 2015.  In many ways best to fly to PHX and drive to Tucson from there.

2014TAMPA, Florida

2013 – Birmingham Alabama.


2013 Spring Trip Round Up:

BackgroundFarmlinks, Limestone Springs, Oxmoor Valley’s Ridge Course and Oxmoor Valley’s Short Course. 3 of us also played Greystone Golf & CC on Wednesday Morning. We didn’t get rained out, but it was cart-path only for Friday and Saturday’s golf.

11 Players met in Birmingham Alabama for 6, 5 or 4 rounds, depending upon your liquor intake and arrival time.   We stayed at a Hyatt Place Hotel, as there was no “condo” type system there.  Wednesday night we had the traditional handout of loot from the sponsors as well as some average pizza that got way to large of a carry out tip.

Course Notes:  In Alabama, the farther away you are from Birmingham, the better the courses are.  Farmlinks, which was all inclusive was nice to only have to play for beer. All food and drink otherwise was included.  Nice range, best putting green ever.  The weather was perfect, the course was pristine.  Cart gal got tipped and just handed out gatorades, candybars, lunch, etc…   Limestone Springs and RTJ were both cart path only.  Serious distance from the cart path to get to the ball, i mean some slicers were like 100+ yards away!  I’m not going to name names, but it was everyone but me of course.


Houston’s Car trip begins…


Golf At All Costs award:  JIM ALBIN

The Story: The Steamer, Albin and The Shoe were in Houston at 9pm on Wednesday night, hosed…  they tipped a bag guy to get their bags asap.  They rented a car and DROVE ALL NIGHT to make the tee time 700+ miles away.  We all ate pizza and had a normal night while they drove.   Insane!  They made it.  Albin drove most of the 700 hours while Shoe complained and Steamer slept.  Highlights of their drive was spending almost 70$ on snacks at an Exxon, and making it after driving all night and then playing 36 and then going out ! ! !

Known Records:  Beat shot par for the first time in his life on the RTJ course.  Walt shot a 44 on the front 9 on one course (personal record?).  Duke shot 84 the first round after not playing for a year.  Jeff had 2 eagles in one round.  Out of 11 players, NO ONE had a birdie on the 18 hole par3 course.


Casual Award:  The Steamer played 36 HOLES in his dirty cargo shorts, smelly underwear, bad breath, flip flops and a off the rack shirt from the pro shop after driving all night, with rentals, and played well on top of all of that.   However, after a shower and some women’s deodorant courtesy of Hyatt, Steamer smells delightful and the best of all of us.


Schwag Award:  Equinix got us embroidered hats that said IGS Birmingham, 2013.  That was awesome.  Other guys who coughed up some decent things were CyrusOne, Telx, XO, TeliaSonera, BTI Systems and PCCW. Check out all the sponsors.


High Fashion Award:  For the 9th year in a row, i out dressed everyone and looked stellar in my outfits, like usual.   Ok, that isn’t true, BEAT can spice it up and lunar orbited some neon shirt and matching socks, which knocked me down to 2nd place.

What we learned:
In a scientific study, 100% sure, proven definitively, it is quicker to GO IN TO STARBUCKS than use the drive through.  100%…


Jambalaya Ass, Alabama Hot Pocket, Boston Pancake, Blumpkin, Murtle McFuckKnuckle, Man Chicken, Jersey Meat Hook, Meat Whistle and various other terms are important compliments to use upon each other on a hole-by-hole basis.

Jim Albin can drive all night and sleep in the back of a minivan if needed.

Tony aka “cleveland steamer” aka “the steamer” aka “Target Tony” Frank now knows what a cleveland steamer is (thanks urban dictionary) and has at least 3 nicknames.

Rich Rossman complains no matter who he plays with other than Tim Beatrice

Walt Wollny gives generous tips on pizza takeout and can sweet talk a mason jar out of a restaurant

Jeff Douglas will say “atta boy” if you hit a good shot and ask hundreds of questions.

Duke plays on 1 golf outing a year with us and hits the ball like he’s been playing the whole time.

Jimmy the shoe is not familiar with waking up on time and thinks is a solution for air travel.
Denis Carrol’s first name is missing an “N” and no one can find it.  He can’t find his shank, so we won’t sweat the N.
Kevin McHugh can get an AARP discount at Country Buffet
Tim Beatrice is high fashion and presently in first place in the fashion dept (sorry tozz, you are back to third place)

Me?  I’m perfect of course.

2014 TBD of course… but some great suggestions were thrown out, which i of course rejected universally.  Tampa, Tucson, Nashville were thrown out there.  We’ll see in another 6+ months where things are.
2012 – Mesquite Nevada Photos


We played Conestoga, Falcon Ridge, Sand Hollow Resort and Wolfcreek.

2011 – Palm Springs, California Photos

2010 – Biloxi Mississippi Photos

2009 – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

2008 – Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona

2007 – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

2006 – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina



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