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————————-BYLAWS 2006-2011 Internet Golf Society———-


0 Core member charter list

0.1 Positions

1. Membership Requirements

1.1 New Member Requirements

1.2 Annual Membership Dues & Application


2. Meetings schedule/Outings Details

2.1 Meetings pre-planning coordination

2.2 Minimum Group Outings

2.3 Documentation of said event



3. Rules & Regulations

3.01 Arrival

3.02 Departure

3.03 Proper Dress

3.04 Equipment

3.05 Lost Ball

3.06 Alcohol Consumption

3.07 Turn Timing & Food Sustinance

3.08 Use of Electric Carts/Motorized vehicle during golf

3.09 Pink Play defined

3.10 The call of pink play into play

3.11 Vehicle Ownership Limits

3.12 Property Ownership Restrictions

3.13 Personal Appearance/Member Representation

3.14 Blood doping and performance enhancing drugs

3.15 Handicap Tracker


4. Format

4.1 Preliminary Formats


5. Medical

5.1 Medical diagnostics and pain relievers


6. Personal and social issues

6.1 Email signatures

6.2 Contributions to political parties


Appendix: Membership Application



The history of IGS is confidential and will be presented following the submission of the NDA.

Core member charter list

The Networks Golf Membership is based upon the core/lifetime member golfers


0. Niels Bakker <–representing mainland europe and former african colonies

1. Peter Cohen <– spokesman for south america, guam and micronesia

2. Aaron Dudek <– representing bulgarian, canadian and western usa regions

3. Marty Hannigan <– representing northeast usa, as well as government

native american indian lands across the usa.

4. Phil Knight <– representing UK and commonwealth holdings, including

former conquered territories.

5. Chris Malayter <– representing midwestern states and sausage manufacturing

6. Ted Seely <– representing western central virginia west of the 495 beltway

These individuals have exhibited original interest and assistance in the

forming of the IGS said forth and so on.

0.1 Positions

Established previously, positions held by the core membership are as follows:

Niels Bakker Executive Marketing Director & Sales VP

Peter Cohen President*

Aaron Dudek CFO

Marty Hannigan Legal/Score Keeping/Chairman of the Board*

Phil Knight CEO

Chris Malayter Secretary and Ombudsman*

Ted Seely Chief Equipment Resistance Educator

* also denotes membership executive committee

—————- Section 1——————

1. Membership Requirements

Membership of said secondary group shall be but not limited to the following,

prior to observation, committee approval, and application completion will

include said vendors, internet operators, acquaintances, relatives and groupies.


1.1 New Member Requirements

An application must be completed, in triplicate, and faxed to the number listed.

All applications must be completed in green ink to avoid counterfeit applications

and preserve original documents. All applications must be completed on A4 style

sized paper of 28lb weight or greater. Only original velum off white with a

brightness of 97.5 or greater will be accepted. No staples shall be evident or

other means of securing pages, each page shall be addressed in the header and

footer with said date, time, email, phone, fax, complete address and page number.

This is necessary due to the redistribution to the executive steering

committee. No memberships shall be accepted more frequently than quarterly,

and denied applications are eligible for twice yearly consideration. All

decisions of the membership committee are final.

1.2 Annual Membership Dues

All none-core members shall be required to submit said dues upon just cause

to the fund for the betterment of said golf membership core greens fees.

This shall include, but not be limited to: beer, equipment, company schwag,


—————- Section 2——————

2. Meetings schedule/Outings Details

All meetings shall take place from sunday prior to subsequent meetings 8am

until Wednesday the following week at 5pm. Sample outings shall consist of

sunday am, monday am and optional subsequent outings.  No vendor supplied Pro V1 balls will be given to anyone above a 20 handicap or named Jimmy The Shoe without Peter Cohen’s approval.


2.1 Meetings pre-planning coordination

Coordination shall be done by the steering committee in advance, and members

dutifully notified of said events/times/requirements.


2.2 Minimum Group Outings

Two shall be defined as the minimal outings minimum acceptable minimum group

outing. Any subsequent minimum golf outings shall be deemed as minimal prior

to minimum group outings of said original minimums.


2.3 Documentation of said event

All meetings shall be commemorated with a photo of members attending as well

as official score card documentation and scanning into PDF formats.

—————- Section 3——————

3. Rules & Regulations

Rules for said group shall include, but not be limited to the hence forth

previously stated USGA golf rule book, including but not limited to group

consensus and subsequent agreed to upon necessities.


3.01 Arrival

Arrival of all members shall be the minimum 30 minutes prior to tee time so proper financial settlements, range time, putting will be established. Failure to follow rule 3.01 set forth shall result in loss of turn or pink play as deemed by offended member.

3.02 Departure Departure from said facility shall not commence prior to necessary personal grooming, sustainence and beverage if required.

3.03 Proper Dress All members shall be dressed in appropriate clothing deemed as: Shoes: traditional golf style, with recommendations from FootJoy. Tennis sneaker type styles are not allowed. Pants/Shorts: Style shall be consistent with popular styles of present day. Absolutely no “cargo” shorts will be allowed. These represent a safety hazard and have been deemed to dangerous due to the incident of 06 in Myrtle Beach, SC. Shirts: Only collared shirts are allowed, no “mock” types are permitted. Mock, like its name implies, is of a lower class, pretend affair and are forbidden.

3.04 Equipment Gloves: When needed, a black or white solid pattern glove is allowed. Clubs: A maximum of 14 clubs is allowed. Irons, woods, putter, wedge can be of similar or different manufacturers. Club Replacement: Any replacement, new purchase, trade or otherwise substantial recurrance of differented equipment shall be photographed, serial numbered and cataloged for all IGS core discussion as it pertains to said match futures. Bag: No cart bags are allowed in away matches. This is a safety requirement to protect all members. Home courses will have cart bags allowed. Any violators will be subject to the pink play policy.

3.05 Lost Ball A maximum of 4 minutes is allowed from which arrival at apparent position can be searched for lost ball retrival. At any point during this time the non- offenders may offer up a ball free of penalty subsequent to the agreed to upon other players. Failure for unanimous ball free-bie shall incur a 1 stroke penalty.

3.06 Alcohol Consumption The consumption of alcohol on said event shall be permitted given the drinker is not the passenger of the second cart group leading after the 7th hole or the driver of the first cart is at or after the second par 4 on the front 9 unless play was started after 10am on the back 9 prior to the tee time + 2 hours.

3.07 Turn Timing & Food Sustinance Any member of any group may solicit said cart girl or cafe area during the round or after for needed food. The preliminary greeter shall pay for his/her and additional group members if deemed in any of the following categories: 1. Said solicitor is single 2. Said solicitor is not employed by financially stressed company 3. Said solicitor is an alcoholic

3.08 Use of Electric Carts/Motorized vehicle during golf The use of powered carts is acceptable if the following requirements exist: 1. The cart is included in 18 hole green fee 2. The course is tortuous, i.e. Malibu Country Club 3. The temperature exceeds 71 F during the months of june/july/august in the northern hemisphere or 71f during november/december/january in the southern hemisphere. 4. 9 holes play are exceeded 5. A cart bag is used by any member

3.09 Pink Play defined The definition and call into play of Pink Play shall be defined by the group when such needs are desired for the subsequent hole. Pink Play shall be defined when needed and said definition shall use the widely accepted golf term.

3.10 The call of pink play into play The call of pink play shall only be acceptable upon the agreement of 3/4 of the playing group per hole. Subsequent violations of previously deemed rules shall require members to apply pink play where applicable.

3.11 Vehicle Ownership Limits No member of the IGS shall knowingly own directly, unto without said knowledge, a vehicle of 2 wheel motorpowered under 150cc engine. This rule, not withstanding shall be available such that “moped” type vehicles and safety associated shall not compromise group outings.

3.12 Property Ownership No member of the IGS shall knowingly associate with, or own property that is of mobile home construction type facilities unless during the construction of a dwelling deemed as multi-story, and not of ranch single floor style. No member shall own property upon which a golf course is developed unless said member shall participate in course assessments during the third quarter of the second year of development.

3.13 Personal Appearance/Member Representation Any member of IGS shall not knowingly engage in any form of body tattoo, excessive piercing, collective bargaining, union organization or other yet undefined negative representation of said entity. In public, said member shall not previously unbeknownst to said self engage in illicit behavior deemed said so such as not to include nor disclude the use of inhalents, alcohol, prostitution, gambling or general tomfoolery. Slovenly appearance such as, but not limited to Black t-shirts, vendorware, mis-sized outfits shall not be permitted unless previously acquired approval from the executive committee not withstanding otherwise unbeknowngst happenings permitted from committees is agreed upon. Additionally a

3.14 Blood doping and performance enhancing drugs Regular steroidal testing as well as blood doping shall take place at random events. Consecutive failure of banned substances shall result in the immediate removal of said offending member and the initiation of dismal and dismissal proceedings.

—————- Section 4——————

4. Format

4.1 Preliminary Formats Formats agreed to upon, though not limited to will include: Match Play Stroke Play Captain’s Choice Wai Ching 3 Ball Timing Daniel Jackson Water Ball 9 hole round robin Alternate Ball Newington Castle Pint Play Best Ball VS Present Ball

—————- Section 5——————

5. Medical

5.1 Medical diagnostics and pain relievers No pain reliever shall be needed upon play unless said member requires it given extreme aggrevation, pain or other issue upon which non-prescription solutions are failing.

—————- Section 6——————

6. Personal and social issues

6.1 No signatures in emails shall contain reference to quotes or general whismical statements of any kind.  This is due to safety requirements in email as stated by the governing body.

6 .11 No signatures in email may contain images promoting any type of award for given company successes or failures.

6.2 Party politics may receive member contributions as long as it does not interfere with said expenditures on golf courses or equipment.



—————Appendix: Membership Application————–

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Appendix A Membership Application Page#: ___ Date: _______ Golf Membership Membership Application (based on Calendar Year) ___

Renewal ___ New Member Name : ________________________________________IGS#________

Address : _____________________________________________________ City : ____________________________ State: ___ ZIP: ________ Country : _____________________________________________________ Phone : ____________________ E-mail : _____________________________________________________ Home Details: Owned/Rental :_____ Mortgage/Rent/Month :___________ #Bedrooms: ___ #Baths: ___ Garage: ___ Wine Cellar: ____Cap: ______ Marital Status: __________________________ Spousal Vehicle Info: __ Children ages/names: ___ Anniversary of significant other: ________ Car : Make: _____ Year: _____ Leased/owned: _____ Seats: ___ Local Club : (full name)___________________________________________ Handicap : _____/Last 5 Rounds :______Head Pro Name/Number : ___ Equipment : Please complete with loft degrees for hardware. Driver__________ 3/5 Wood :__________ Irons :________ Rescue :__________ Wedges/Degrees loft :_____________ Putter :___________ Shoe Size :______ Waist Size :_____ Inseam :________ Shirt Size 100% Cotton :___ Blended/Poly : __________ Cart Bag Manufacturer :______ Shoulder Bag :________ Birth Date : _____________________ Gender (M/F):__________________ Signed : _______________________________ Date: _______________ IGS keeps the above information of each member private. Membership Types and Terms – Please check one Individual : ___ One Year $200 ___Two Years $400 ___Three Years $600 Foreign : ___ One Year $300 ___Two Years $600 ___Three Years $900 Household : ___ One Year $300 ___Two Years $600 ___Three Years $900 Lifetime Household : ___ $15,000 ——-Complete this section for Household Membership only——– | | |

Name : _________________________________________IGS#_______| | | |

E-mail : ____________________________________________________| | | |

Birth Date : _____________________ Gender (M/F):_________________| | | |

Signed :________________________________ Date: ______________|


Memberships are active for the calendar year. Members agree to abide by the membership policy. If IGS publishes a Membership Directory, may we list your name and mailing address? Yes____ No____

Amount Enclosed: $____________

Make check payable to IGS in US dollars. Send this form and payment to:

IGS Membership ATTN: Finance Director 6905 Rosemont Dr. McLean, VA 22101 USA